Ladies Weekend - Little Story from June

I would like to share my experience from in Ladies weekend.

When I saw Isabel's post on Facebook this spring, I thought it was just something for me.

I think it sounded really good. An opportunity to meet peers. I have never tried or dared. I think it sounded nice with single room and we were supposed to be in a building where we were just us.

It also sounded exciting that we had to eat with the other guests on the estate. Then I had the opportunity to get out under safe conditions.

I must admit that as time went on, I became unsure if I dared. And I did not sign up until September, when there were few seats left. I thought. "Now it must be" "I have saved it since I was young, I do not want it anymore"

As time approached, I rejoiced more and more. The whole week up to, I spent finding clothes and when the day dawned, I had packed 10 kg of clothes. FOR 3 DAYS.

I decided to show up as a man and then dress when I arrived.

I was received by Isabel. Soon the others appeared. Soon the nervousness disappeared and soon I was in the process of changing. I spent an hour getting ready and soon we met in the common room we had where we lived. Once again the nervousness disappeared and together we went to the main building where we ate with the other guests. There was someone who looked a little and they have probably and talked about us, but what…. A really good and exciting experience. Later there was an opportunity to see and possibly. try items from Boutique Isabel. And we ended the evening with a cozy get-together.

I thought it was a good start.

The next morning we were followed for breakfast. We were all dressed up from the morning. Everyone had changed clothes.

In the afternoon there were various events. Teaching how to apply make up. And lectures on gender reassignment surgery. Really exciting. There was again the opportunity to see and try items from Boutique Isabel

Before dinner we spent time getting ready for dinner. New clothes, makeup and styling.

And then we were ready for dinner, which again took place in the main building.

In the evening there was again a cozy get-together.

As written, I was nervous before the weekend. It quickly disappeared. I enjoyed every single minute as a woman this weekend. And I completely relaxed. The experience sat in me for many days after. I have gained additional courage in meeting others.

I can only recommend a stay of this kind.

Isabel has done a great job and the staff on the estate were very welcoming.

Regards June Spring