About Me

I opened my first Crossdressing store  in 2002.
My knowledge is broad and I have met 1000s of different types and levels of transgender people ❤

More info

- You do not have to deal with several different new places, people who each time have to be informed about your innermost secret. I know it's some of the hardest.

- When you are with me you will quickly experience the calm descending over you and you relax with me. With me, your need is as natural as breathing. ❤

I offer the following service:

- Makeup man to woman

- Makeup teaching man to woman

- Dressing man to woman

- Personal styling man to woman

- Personal style and goals man to woman

- Personal shopper

- Photo session / pictures of you dressed up

- Support person to get out in public Café tours / shopping / city tours together

- Conversations / coaching

- Tour service around DK NY 2021

- Calendergirl NY 2021

- In addition to this, I also offer sales of quality products.

You receive advice, guidance, care of your purchases, and you avoid mistaken purchases and cheap imitations that do not last. I have knowledge of all items on the market so what you do not find on my website, I will gladly provide it for your home.

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  • Makeup 
  • Styling
  • Dressing
  • Photosession
  • Videosession
  • Café Trip