How to do Your Makeup

You can see a Tons of YouTube Videos - But It´s not so easy as it looks!

Bring your own Brushes / Makeup, and I will learn you how to use it in the right way!

I will show you Step By Step, "Learn By Doing" 
Before you show up, I will sent you a List what to bring. Basic.
If you don´t have it all, You can Supply from my Showroom with 20 % in Discount.
I will be happy to take some pictures Step By Step, using your Phone.

Perfect Makeup - Ready To Go
  • Step By Step
  • Cover Beard
  • Eyebrows
  • Contour
  • Eyes
  • Lips

Makeup Course

Time: 2½ Hours

Day:  2000 Dkr / 280 Euro
After 4/ Weekend: 2500 Dkr/ 350 Euro
Location: Falster
Copenhagen + 1000 Dkr / 140 Euro

Contact Information


Falster or Copenhagen